Welcome to M&N 2015


Keynote Speaker Announced

“Living longer at home: measurement as key enabling technology"

António Damasceno

CEO, Acting, Intellicare - Intelligent Sensing in Healthcare

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Following the success of the first two editions, the 3rd IEEE International Workshop M&N 2015 aims to represent a forum for researchers and practitioners from industry, academia, and government interested in the areas of measurements, communications, computer science, wireless systems, sensor networks and to foster discussion on the role of both measurements for networking and networking for measurements.

The workshop will provide the opportunity to gather complementary competencies from different fields, and discuss recent results and trends on related highly interdisciplinary topics:

  • Methods and techniques for networks performance assessment
  • Protocol analysis
  • Traffic analysis and monitoring
  • Cross-layer measurements
  • Error management and troubleshooting in networks
  • Characterization of network equipment
  • In-service testing
  • Out-of-service measurements
  • Conformance and interoperability testing
  • Anomaly and intrusion detection
  • Big Data security and privacy
  • Wireless and Mobile Network Security
  • Coexistence and interference problems in wireless networks
  • Signal integrity problems
  • Wireless sensors network modeling and performance assessment
  • WSN design, implementation and application
  • Measurements for characterization and performance assessment
  • Synchronization issues
  • Privacy and Security in Clouds
  • Distributed measurement systems
  • Application Level Trust and Security
  • Monitoring and troubleshooting of large-scale distributed systems
  • Biomedical Sensor Networks


The Workshop also includes four Special Sessions:
- "Dependability and Security Measurements in Dynamic Heterogeneous System of Systems"
- "Indoor Positioning"
- "Advances in 5G wireless networks (5G-WINET)”
- “Sensor Networks for Human Safety”

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